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You have probably noticed that people in Bedford, TX of all ages tend to smile a lot. One of the reasons is because it is a happy, friendly community. However, many of those people have another reason: they are patients of Maegan Elam, DDS & Associates. If you live in or near Bedford, and you want a dentist who gives you a reason to smile, come see us!

Relax, you are in good hands

Do you dread visiting the dentist? If so, maybe it is time for a different kind of dental care. We take pride in earning the trust of our patients, through integrity and consistently high-quality care. What sets us apart?

  • Caring team – We are here to improve your health and quality of life. To us, dentistry is not just about teeth, it is about people. Patients of all ages are welcome in our office.
  • Experienced dentist – Dr. Elam has undergone advanced training, including sedation dentistry and implant dentistry. Her expertise has earned her the designation of a preferred provider for Nobel all-on-four implant treatment.
  • Advanced treatment options – Our services go beyond standard general dental treatments. We offer dental implants, artisan quality smile makeovers, oral surgery, and much more.
  • Technology – You deserve to benefit from the best that modern dentistry has to offer. That is why we use digital x-rays, VELscope cancer screening, laser dentistry, DEXIS CariVu cavity detection, and other state of the art technology.
  • Sedation dentistry – We offer two levels of sedation, nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation, so that even the most anxious patient can relax.
  • Flexible financing – Do not let your budget stand between you and the healthy, dazzling smile you deserve. We accept multiple payment types, as well as Care Credit, which is a third-party financing solution with low interest and zero-interest options.

We are here for you

From routine dental checkups to complex treatment, and even emergency dentistry, you can count on Dr. Elam and her team. Just give us a call at (817) 283-2871 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to giving you and your family something to smile about.

Smiling girl with great teeth after Implant Restoration

Implant Restoration

Don’t ignore missing teeth! Dental implants can replenish your smile’s gaps beautifully, providing valuable oral health, unmatched strength and helping smile proudly.

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Happy elderly couple who had done Crown and Bridge

Crown and Bridge

Missing teeth don’t look the best, and they can make you feel worse. Crowns and bridges restore your smile’s imperfections so you look great and feel even better.

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All-On-4 Implants™

If you’ve been told you lack sufficient bone density to support implant-retained dentures, All-on-4 dental implants™ may allow you to permanently restore your smile.

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A girl having Sedation Dentistry at Maegan Elam, DDS & Associates

Sedation Dentistry

Dental fear shouldn’t prevent from receiving the care you deserve. Our professional sedation techniques will help you feel genuinely relaxed in our treatment chair.

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The Dental Team Bedford Families Trust

Trusting relationships with our patients are built on a foundation of integrity and experience. We do our best at all times to make your treatment as comfortable as possible, and we are mindful that we are treating a person, not just their teeth. Maegan Elam, DDS, and Associates would like to thank you for the privilege of serving you and your family and we always look forward to your smile.

Meet the Team

Dr.Maegan Elam talking in a video

Background and Love For Dentistry | Maegan Elam, DDS & Associates

Hi I’m doctor Megan Elam. Welcome to our office. So, I got my start in dentistry because I went to college thinking I wanted to be a veterinarian bur working for a veterinarian I decided it was not for me and so as a senior in college, I had to decide what I was going to do with a biology degree. So, I had a friend who was pretty dental and she kept telling me that I needed to look into it and to come shadow in office and so finally I gave in and I did and I absolutely loved it. So, in the first week being there was awesome, and so i thought why in the world do I like dentistry. So, I grew up playing with power tools essentially with my dad we did a lot of remodelling and so knew how to use. Trails and everything else, and so it just made sense I like to use power tools now. Except now my power tools are teeny tiny and they’re working on teeny tiny teeth.

So I went to college in Abilene, TX at Hardin Simmons university, small private school and then I went down to San Antonio for dental school by in laws are there in so my husband only want to move back up here where I’m from. So that was kind of a compromise. We got to spend about five years down there with his family and the school is a great school so, we were there for five years. Moved back up here and we have been here ever since. When I first got out of school, I knew that I wanted to practice up in the metroplex around where I grew up in south lake and so just looking at practices, I was out of office for about a year and then I decided that I wanted in the private practice sector and so just looking what was available and I met doctor brown who has been here 30 plus years. When I came and did a working interview and I loved it. The employees have been here since he started and then all wonderful. And so I got to know the patients, even just in the first few days and could tell that they were great and so everything worked out really well to come to Bedford. Thanks for watching. We look forward to seeing you soon in our office.

 Our Team at Maegan Elam, DDS & Associates

Our Team at Maegan Elam, DDS & Associates

Well, I’ve been coming to this dentist office for right at about 10 years, and when it was another dentist and then the Doctor Elam was here as well and I just gradually started seeing Doctor Elam And we just kind of made a connection and, you know, You can come here and get your teeth cleaned and you can watch some HDTV or some Travel Channel, and it’s kind of nice. It’s such a great office and it’s very Convenient. I never Have to like Call my insurance. Say Sherry, you will always call for me and let me know that Trisha, they’re going to pay this much for you know you and several times they’ve sent me money back because the insurance paid more than they had originally quoted. So, I mean, that is just another way that that I just know how honest they are And I can really just trustworthy. Which I appreciate, because you could go to a dentist and if you don’t know what really what’s going on and you trust them, they could be telling you, oh, you need a root canal and a crown. You need this, you need that, but they don’t do that. They tell you exactly what you need, and that’s important, you know, financially that’s an important thing. I love that my whole family comes here. It is, I don’t have to. You know, when you’re a mom, you always have to make sure everybody has the Appointments, right? But nope. I can come here. I can put it in my phone. I still come in with my youngest son, who’s almost 22, and we usually come at the same time, so I can make sure he’s got his dental and I don’t have to have that. Mama worry. And I love the ladies up here, you know, everybody just makes you feel like you’re at home, And definitely if you don’t have a dentist, I would say, You know, come to Doctor Elam. Come here. They’re going to. They’re going to get you in. They’re going to make sure you’re comfortable. If you have an emergency or something’s really painful, they’re really going to they’re going to fit you in. They’re going to they’re not, going to let you sit and wait coming here is just it’s right down the street from where I work where I live. Even if it wasn’t, I would definitely make sure I still came here if I moved, or if I, you know, got a job at another school, because they care about me and they care about my family. They take great care of us, you know, you leave with happy clean teeth. That’s a good feeling.

 Our Services | Maegan Elam, DDS & Associates

Our Services | Maegan Elam, DDS & Associates

I’m Doctor Meghan Elam. Welcome to our office. So, we’re very blessed to have incredible employees and incredible team here. We have ladies who’ve been here for at least 20 years and know all the patients by name. They’ll say hi. How are you doing? And they know all that your family and what trip you went on last week. Well, our team works really well together. Everyone gets along really well. Everyone makes a point to invest in our patients and get to know them on a personal level, and so that way whenever our patients come in, they are not just a name on a chart, we tried really hard to make you feel like your part of our family with the practice and getting to know you, your specific family, What your interests are. With me having small children, I know how hard it can be for moms to Get a babysitter or get someone to keep their kids for a little while, even for an hour. So, we will encourage moms that they can bring their kids with anything to you. So, there are days where we have kids sleeping on mom’s chest to your way back, getting your teeth cleaned or in my operatory, I’ve had, you know, my friends come in and their kids are in their corner and they’re asking questions, and they always want to see inside of their mommies Mouths and say What are you doing to my mommy? So we try explaining and we just love on them, but we, we, want to be able to see the whole entire family. So, from little kids all the way through, Mom, Dad, you know, as their patient grows That’s and they’re changing from their primary teeth to baby teeth to their permanent teeth. We want to be able to be comfortable with everyone, and as they grow, we Can grow with them. Thanks for watching. We look forward to seeing you soon in our office.

Happy Patients Tell All

Maegan Elam, DDS & Associates combines her unique sedation dental skills to create beautiful smiles for patients within the Bedford area.


Patient Testimonial - Trisha Salazar | Maegan Elam, DDS & Associates

We Offer Financing

Here in Bedford, our dental team enjoys being able to make the process of paying for your dental care as simple as possible. That’s why our caring team will work with you to ensure you are comfortable with your financing options. We accept the various types of payment. Low or no interest payment plans are also available through CareCredit! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We’re a proud provider of CareCredit — a financing option that lets you get the treatment you want and deserve today while paying for it later. Low monthly payments with 0% interest are just a click away!

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