Dental Implants in Bedford

Tooth loss is a devastating event, and it can wreak havoc on both your oral health and your sense of self-confidence if left untreated for too long. While some patients enjoy more traditional replacements like bridges and dentures, others feel dissatisfied with the difference between those appliances and their natural teeth. Plus, oral health can continue to deteriorate without tooth roots in place to stimulate the jawbone, and most replacement options don’t restore the root. While our Bedford, TX dental office can’t turn back time on your natural smile, we can provide you with the next best option: dental implants. This revolutionary reconstructive solution can give you back single teeth or even an entire arch in a seamless, revitalizing fashion helping you smile proudly.

The Dental Implant Process

If you’re interested in dental implants, you’ll first need to undergo a consultation with our team so that we can determine whether they’re a viable option for you. If the results of your evaluation are positive, we can move forward with the surgical placement of your implant(s). Dr. Elam will recommend a trusted specialist or oral surgeon who can handle this procedure, and he will work closely with them to ensure that the results are outstanding. Next, you’ll need to undergo a period of healing, during which your new implants and your jawbone will form a gradual bond, creating a solid foundation for your brand-new teeth. Finally, you’ll return to our Bedford practice so that quality restorations can be placed on top of the implants, completing your new and improved look.

Implant-Retained Prosthetics

While tooth-colored dental crowns are used to restore single-tooth implants, this method can become very costly if several teeth need to be replaced. That’s why we also offer personalized bridges and dentures that are designed to attach to a small number of strategically placed implants, giving your smile a new sense of permanence and security.

All-On-4 Implants™

While traditional implants are very effective, there is a downside – restoring a full upper or lower set of teeth can often require up to eighteen months of treatment, meaning that the patient has to wear an ill-fitting temporary denture during that time. Thankfully, our Bedford office is happy to offer an alternative: All-On-4™ implants. Also known as “Teeth in a Day,” this process begins with detailed planning of your procedure, followed by a single appointment during which the implant surgeon and our lab technicians will help us place both your implants and your brand-new teeth. This means that patients will be able to come in with a lacking smile and leave that same day with a new set of fitted, functional, and naturally beautiful teeth!

All-On-4™ patients will also need to attend regular check-ups over the next several weeks so we can ensure that you’re healing properly. After around six months, when the gums are fully healed and the implants have fused to your jawbone, we’ll create a final, titanium-enforced set of teeth for you at no additional cost.

Everyone deserves to enjoy a full, healthy smile. If you’re struggling with tooth loss, don’t wait – contact our dental office as soon as possible to schedule a consultation. Maegan Elam, DDS & Associates are dedicated to providing patients with quality services and exceptional care that’s as comfortable, convenient, and friendly as possible. Located in Bedford, TX, we also serve the areas of Hurst, Euless, Colleyville, and beyond.