Bedford dental implants last a lifetime

June 27, 2016

Which tooth replacement lasts the longest and looks and functions best? It’s the Bedford dental implant. Learn the details from Maegan Elam DDS.Dissatisfied with your current tooth replacements? Yes, while they span smile gaps and help you chew and smile normally, traditional bridgework and dentures have problems of slippage, sore oral tissues and gum and bone recession. Plus, they need replacement after about 10 years.

What’s the alternative for people missing teeth? Dental implants replace one or more teeth as today’s most stable and natural-looking and feeling prosthetic teeth. Plus, unlike traditional prosthetics, titanium dental implants in Bedford, last for decades. (more…)

How Do Dental Implants Work?

February 18, 2016

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dental implantsWhen you have missing teeth, it’s not uncommon to feel self-conscious. Dentures help with how you feel about your smile, while offering the ability to eat and speak. However, dentures don’t look or feel natural. As a result, there’s often a lot of discomfort from poorly fitting dentures, and they can really be a hassle to clean. Thankfully, dental implants give you an alternative solution to traditional dentures. Implants give you comfortable, permanent teeth that look and function just as natural teeth. We are proud to offer a number of implant options to help restore your smile.

Why You Want Implant Retained Dentures

December 30, 2015

implant retained denturesIt’s something we hear at our practice all the time. When you’re missing one or more teeth, you just don’t feel complete. And it’s not hard to figure out why — living with a gapped smile is a real confidence killer. That’s why the team at David Brown, DDS & Associates loves helping patients complete their smiles with excellent options like implant-retained dentures. They’re truly the best choice in tooth replacement — keep reading to learn more.


Can I Get Dental Implants?

December 10, 2015

dental implants bedfordHello, and welcome to our brand new blog! As your Bedford dentist, Dr. Maegan Elam is committed to helping everyone in our community achieve the beautiful, complete smiles they deserve. And she knows that when one or more teeth have gone missing, there’s no better replacement than dental implants in Bedford. Are you a good candidate for the procedure? Chances are good that you are — keep reading to find out more today.