Bedford dentists offer wide range of restorations

July 22, 2016

Bedford DentistDecay, infection, missing teeth–they’re worrisome problems, but solvable thanks to the compassionate, precise dentistry at David L. Brown DDS & Associates. Both

Dr. Brown and Dr. Maegan Elam strive to preserve healthy tooth and gum structure. If problems occur, they deliver superior restorations in a comfortable, technically advanced dental practice in Bedford.

When prevention isn’t enough

Cavities, tooth loss and infection can happen to the most diligent of dental patients. That’s Dr. Brown and Dr. Elam partner with patients to prevent oral health issues. When they do uncover a problem, they expertly craft a patient treatment plan to fully address the issue, offering restorations comprised of the finest materials and state of the art techniques to bring each individual a healthy, attractive, pain-free smile. Here are some examples from the outstanding your Bedford dentist.

Crown and bridge When a tooth loses a substantial amount of structure due to decay or injury, the Bedford dentist may place a dental crown. Made from ceramic, porcelain fused to metal or strong gold, the Bedford dental crown covers failing tooth structure, protecting it from further damage. LIfelike, the dental crown is crafted from oral impressions. In just 2 visits, Dr. Brown or Dr. Elam can create and place this popular restoration for a tooth that lasts for many years.

Fixed Bedford dental bridgework consists of one, two or more teeth artificial teeth in a row, typically affixed to their healthy neighbors via dental crowns. Permanently bonded in place, this appliance allows the patient to speak and eat normally, and it fills the smile gap created by tooth loss.

Root canal therapy treats injured or infected teeth by removing diseased pulp from the interior chambers of one to 4 roots. The treated tooth functions well without the nerves, blood supply and connective tissue in the canals. In just 2 dental visits, the Bedford dentist can diagnose the problem, remove the pulp, seal the chambers and place a temporary crown. After a week or so of healing, the patient receives a beautiful dental crown to protect and complete his or her smile. Root canal therapy is comfortable and very successful.

Dentures Both partial and full dentures replace teeth lost to injury, tooth decay or periodontal disease. Partial dentures are made from tooth and gum colored acrylic mounted on a metal frame. The partial is removable and held in place by metal clasps.

A full denture replaces a complete arch of teeth. The dentist places immediate dentures right after tooth extraction, and conventional dentures are placed after tissues heal. Both are made from lifelike acrylic and are held in place by suction. Well-fitting dentures from Dr. Brown or Dr. Elam rarely require adhesives, but as bone and gums shrink,  they may need relining or replacement.

Dental implants are the finest tooth replacement option. Comprised of biocompatible titanium, a metal extension and a realistic porcelain crown, the dental implant rests in the jaw for optimal stability and function. The titanium fuses to the bone through osseointegration.

Dr. Brown uses a proprietary 3-dimensional guided technique to place single and multiple implants. He also creates full dentures mounted on 4 implants. Called AllOn-4, these artificial teeth are super secure and give patients the attractive and strong smiles they deserve.

Would you like to know more?

Contact the office team at David L. Brown DDS & Associates for a restorative dentistry consultation. Learn what technically precise and caring dentistry can do for your smile.

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